Recumbents! Get the Bent Feeling!

Catrike is having their end of the year promotion!! Check it out!! The most popular question for recumbents, “Is that hard to ride?”  Actually, it isn’t but it does take some practice.  You use the same bike instincts to ride but recumbents are sometimes more “reactive” to steering.  Once you get used to it, they are very nice to ride.  No more sore hands, neck, back, etc!!  Of course there are some disadvantages such as enjoying the ride, leaving your friends behind as you go fast and even some minor disrespect from other riders.

There are several types of recumbents but most can be narrowed down to “Long Wheel Base” and “Short Wheel Base”.  We have both kinds, so you can try them both.  We carry many brands such as Volae, Rans, Bacchetta, Sun, Gold Rush and we can probably get any recumbent you like if we don’t stock it.

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3 thoughts on “Recumbents! Get the Bent Feeling!

  1. I want to buy a Greenspeed Magnum Trike fitted and adjusted for me. I can go on the website and order one, or I can drive down to Tucson and buy it. Would prefer to have a place I can go to and actually test drive one. Please call me so we can discuss how to purchase one very soon. Nick @ 480-745-0711

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you rent recumbent trikes. I am interested in purchasing a catrike pocket but would like to ride it for a few days to see if it’s the right bike for me. Thanks,

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